Raccoon Dreamer

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A raccoon of humble upbringing awakens to an object, Yomogi, smashing down near the Raccoon Village. What begins as an expedition of curiosity turns into a vital mission as the crater begins to affect the everything around.

Immune to the crater's poison, our hero must travel the world to solve the mystery of Yomogi. Facing many trials and mysteries, the Raccoon must grow stronger to cure the planet's blight and resurrect the planet's guardian, Xephos.


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Starring Kitsu, an otherwise ordinary fox who, one day, comes across the dying body of a legendary yokai, the Nine Tailed Fox.

Before all is said and done the dying creature's mighty tails are stolen from his dying body. Finally noticing the terrified fox nearby, the sneering Kitsune bestows the final tail upon her, the tail of Push. After this point the planet dissolves into chaos and horror. As the denizen of the gods, the heroine, Kitsu, is destined to go on a quest. Along the way she shall retrieve magical powers in the form of stolen fox tails, which have been taken and distributed across the land.

Along the way, Kitsu will come against several unsavory personalities: including a village of rat people, a psychotic technomancer, a bat-wielding mercenary, a team of devious orphans, fleets of airships, and powerful spirits.