Raccoon Dreamer

Posted by Roger
on 6 July 2012

Play now!

After a hiatus, Team Sketchy is back. We coincide our return with the release of our first game, Raccoon Dreamer. Feel free to play the game, or perhaps take a listen to the soundtrack. You can find out more about Raccoon Dreamer in the Games section of the site.

New Comics

Posted by John
on 6 July 2008

All of these new comics are coming out. Behold their greatness and multitude and be exploded by their magnificence. We’re also going to add “Links” and “Contact Us” sections so that you can both go to our interrelated websites and also ask us to be paid money by you to do things for us. — Kei

First Comic

Posted by Roger
on 13 May 2008

Team Sketchy: The Comic (also known as Kitsu Returns) takes place a little after the our game, Kitsu, and follows the side-characters Kei and Mesmer, who are rivals of the fox and constantly get in her way. A magician, Guédé, owns the airship Steamkrunk, which gets attacked by the fox early on. If that wasn't enough, the Steamkrunk is being followed by another mysterious airship.

Read it in the Comics section of the site.